Chris Miles (chrismiles) wrote,
Chris Miles

Zoner - DNS management UI

A couple of years ago, while learning TurboGears, I wrote a web application to simplify management of DNS zone files. Fast forward to today and I finally found a few minutes to clean it up a bit and make a release.

It is called Zoner and differs from many DNS management interfaces in that it works directly with live zone files. The zone files remain the master copy of domain details and can still be edited manually without effecting Zoner, as opposed to storing the domain structure in a database and generating zone files when needed (or reconfiguring bind to read directly from SQL). It also stores an audit trail for all changes (made through Zoner) and zones can be rolled back to any previous version.

Zoner might also be a useful reference app for anyone learning TurboGears 1.0. It is relatively simple, uses SQLAlchemy and Kid with Paginate and Form widgets.
Tags: dns, python, sysadmin, turbogears, zoner

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